The Nassau Board of Women’s Basketball Officials (NBWBOA) provides qualified, rated officials of the specific rules, for service to women’s basketball in Nassau County, Long Island, NY.  NBWBOA trains new officials as needed and provides opportunities for rated officials to update their knowledge of the rules and improve their officiating techniques.  NBWBOA administers theoretical and practical testing of its members as outlined by the specific rule organization.

NBWBOA also interprets the rules and officiating techniques of the specific rule organizations for its members by seeking communication on a State/National level with interpreters of both the rules and the techniques of officiating; providing a pre-season opportunity for officials to gather and discuss rule changes and interpretations; providing (upon request) rules interpretations for the various agencies and coaches associations; disseminating updated information and stressing continuity in handling problems concerning rule interpretations during the season.

NBWBOA encourages that competitive events be conducted with full consideration given to the “nature and spirit” of the rules and participates in the review and revision of rules, by suggesting names of persons to serve on State/National Committees and/or initiating suggestions and recommendations through the specific rule organizations.

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