New Ethnic, Racial and Gender Biased Protocol for Officials

(Published: November 29, 2023)

Below is the new ethnic, racial, gender biased protocol that ALL OFFICIALS MUST FOLLOW.
The sportsmanship card must be read to each team and its coaches prior to every game.

During a game if an official identifies a player that made a racial, ethnic or gender biased statement to an
opponent, teammate, coach, parent etc, you assess that player a Flagrant Technical foul and eject them
from the game. No warnings will be issued.

A disqualification report must be filed immediately after the game by both officials to BOCES. You can
access the disqualification report under Click on “OFFICIALS “, then select “FORMS AND
RESOURCES” on the menu that opens up and select the “Unsportsmanlike Incident Report” from the list.

If an official is approached by a student athlete/player on the court and that player says a player made an
ethnic, racial or gender biased statement, you must stop the game on the next stoppage of play. The
officials will send both teams to their benches and bring both coaches to the table and explain to each
coach that a player told the officials that an ethnic, racial or gender biased statement was made on the
court. The officials will not identify the student athlete/player or team who told the official or the student
athlete/player or team who may have made the statement.

At this point you will tell the coaches to speak to their teams and advise them that this behavior will not be
tolerated on the court. An official will stay with each coach and team to verify the coach delivers the
message and does not use this time for any other purpose. If multiple stoppages of play are required for
this type of behavior the game could be terminated.

Both officials must file a report to BOCES using the “Unsportsmanlike Incident Report”, as stated above.